Do You Use a Moisturizer for Tanners?

March 14, 2012 in Moisturizers, Tanning Tips by admin


Tan Extenders & Moisturizer For Tanners

Tanning lotions help prepare your skin for the perfect tan however it takes time for the ingredients to work. The best action is to apply your lotion 20-30 minutes before you tan. This is not an option for many people who tan at lunch or on a schedule. Most people apply lotion just before they tan, not giving it proper time to stimulate melanin production. However, you can achieve this by applying a Moisturizer for Tanners every morning which keeps your skin ready to tan at any time during the day.

Several companies offer a “Moisturizer For Tanners” or “Tan Entender” with varying levels of L-Tyrosine and even perhaps a little sunless to give your color a boost. One popular brand is Hoss’ Hemp Moisturizer for Tanners which has been an industry standard for nearly a decade. High levels of L-Tyrosine as well as skin care ingredients make this the perfect morning moisturizer to add to any daily routine.

Some tanners find that simply using a Moisturizer For Tanners in place of their regular moisturizer boosts their tanning sessions by 20-40%. The added benefit is that it works for you whether you are going to a tanning salon or outside any time during the day!