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Breaking Black 546xxx Bronzer!

February 17, 2014 in Bronzing Lotions, Hoss Sauce, Tanning, Tanning Lotions, What's New? by admin

Breaking Black Tanning BronzerOne of the most exciting new bronzers for 2014 is inspired by purity. Breaking Black 546xxx Bronzer is by far the most pure tanning formula you have ever tried. Created in Hoss’ Underground Lab, not by the apprentice but by the master himself, and designed to give you the ultimate skin nourishing experience through perfectly formulated botanicals and exotic nutrients.

It’s 99.9% Pure Maxxx Bronzing Tanning Formula will take you to shades of Black Bronze never thought possible before. Generous amounts of rich silicone and smoothing nutrients will leave your skin massaged, relaxed and silky smooth.

  • Insanely Dark 546xxx Bronzers.
  • Super Silicone Infusion.
  • Age-Defying & Skin Firming Ingredients.
  • Anti-Oxidants & Vitamins.
  • State-Of-The-Art Skin Care.
  • Wonderful Fragrance.
 Check it out here!
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Go Buckwild In 2014!

December 16, 2013 in Bronzing Lotions, Most Products, Tanning, Tanning Lotions, What's New? by admin

Most Buckwild Tanning Bronzer 100x

Most Buckwild 100x

Most turns out some of the coolest tanning lotions around and this year’s creations are no exception.

The first one to arrive is the new Buckwild 100x Bronzer for 2014. Most asks you to “take a walk on the wild side” and unleash your inner tanning maven.

The fragrance is wonderful, a mix of frantic fruits such as kiwi and pear and the dark tan it provides is both instant and long lasting.

Were you born to be wild? If your answer is a resounding yes, take a gander at Most’s Buckwild 100x Bronzer now available!

The best place to read more is right here at Lotion Source!

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Say Aloha To Your Darkest Tan Ever!

April 29, 2013 in Bronzing Lotions by admin

Brown Sugar Aloha Black 200xBrown Sugar has revolutionized the tanning lotion! Yes, the word revolution is tossed around too often and everything new is called revolutionary but in this case, they really have changed the game. Tan Inc. has discovered the secret to the perfect blend of 200x Bronzer and DHA tanning. The secret? Keep them separate until they are applied to your skin. This creates the perfect blend with the same consistency every time you use it. It also makes the DHA work better and last longer.

The bottle is really 2 bottle put together like a puzzle pieces and with a single pump that pumps both products together. The Result is that you achieve a better, darker, longer lasting tan. Even better they have kept the price in the same range as your average high quality bronzer only in a smaller 7oz bottle for half the price of an average 13.5oz bottle so you still get the same value.

Brown Sugar Aloha Black 200x Double Dark Bronzer is a revolutionary 2 in 1 lotion that combines the tanning lotion bronzer and sunless together as you pump it to create a perfect mix and give you a deep island 200x double dark glow.

“Say Aloha to the darkest tan you have ever had. Aloha Black is a revolutionary & exclusive double dark two-part bottle combining our sexiest, Brown Sugar bronzers -with- a flawless DHA elixir for a truly deep island glow. Until now, this level of beautiful color has simply not been possible. Wave after wave of bornze crashes against you skin, and with it a tide of silicones & skin conditioning. This is a 200x oasis of tanning bliss you will never want to leave.”

You will notice the difference the first time you use Aloha Black 200x Double Dark Bronzer and you will notice the difference in how great you look and how long it lasts.

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The Ultimate Bourbon Bronzer!

April 5, 2013 in Bronzing Lotions, Tanning Lotions by admin

Ultimate Bronzing BourbonIf you thought bronzers couldn’t get any darker, or healthier, think again. Ultimate Bronzing Bourbon 151 Proof Bronzer is like a rich, quality Bourbon Tanning Bronzer that not only helps your natural skin color darken but also helps it get fuller over time.

Bronzing Bourbon is truly an amazing Tanning Lotion and here is why:

  • ·The Bourbon Bronzor gets you fast results thanks to the Unipertan Acceleration fast Results.
  • ·The Bourbon Bronzer has an Intoxicating Fragrance that will impress and raise eyebrows for sure.
  • ·This Bronzer is also packed with Extreme Skincare.

This 13.5oz bottle, which looks stunning all by itself, contains a Bronzer truly like no other. The Bronzer itself comprises of anti-aging ingredients that not only give you a healthy tan, but an extremely youthful one too thanks to a combination of natural herbal extracts for both softening and also revitalizing the skins appearance. Beyond the health benefits of using this amazing new tanning bronzer, this Special Reserve 151 Proof Black Bronzing Mash will darken and deepen your natural color over time giving your skin an amazing, lush bronze glow to it that everyone wishes for.

 Ultimate Bronzing Bourbon will take your tan to an intoxicating level of honey gold color that everyone will want to drink in. Each time you tan, Bronzing Bourbon’s 151 proof bronzers will darken and deepen your tan beyond what you ever thought possible. Simply amazing.

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Are Your Legs as Dark as You Are?

April 1, 2013 in Bronzing Lotions, Brown Sugar, Tanning Lotions by admin

Brown Sugar Princess Leg BronzerWe hear it all the time. “why aren’t my legs tanning?” It’s a constant frustration with many people. The truth is their legs are tanning but just not as dark as the rest of you. Faces and legs can lag behind when it comes to achieving a dark tan. There are many theories out there as to why this happens. It seems to be partly because your legs have always had more exposure to the sun. The real question is what to do about it? How do you tan your legs?

Over the years there have been many solutions presented for this problem. Everything from special tanning lotions to expensive leg bronzing machines, a tanning bed just for your legs in essence. There is really no need to go through all of that expense because now we have Brown Sugar Princess Leg Bronzer Lotion. A dark tanning lotion just for legs that contains a super rich bronzer and advanced acceleration. If you use a specialty lotion for your legs and your regular lotion on the rest of you, it will balance out your color.

Treat yourself to the perks only a princess would receive. Brown Sugar Princess is a silky-soft skin firming bronzer specially formulated for great looking legs. This silicone lotion blesses your best assets with a lean, dark, glow and softness all their own.

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Rich, Dark New 296x Bronzer!

January 18, 2010 in Bronzing Lotions, Tanning Lotions by admin

New Ultra Dark Black Ultimatum 296xxx will take you beyond any rich dark bronze tanning results you have ever dreamed of. With its finely tuned ingredients, master blended formula rich with silicones and infused with shea butter. The levels of vitamins and minerals are high, it is loaded with anti-oxidants to fight free radical damage and the signs of aging. Ultra Intense 296xxx Non-Streak Bronzers. The richest, most advanced bronzing lotion ever created. From a company known for delivering silky smooth bronzing perfection comes the lastest infusion of bronzing technology sweeping the 21st century tanning market. Generous amounts of rich silicone and smoothing nutrients will leave your skin massaged, relaxed and silky smooth.

Formulated Dark 296xxx Bronzers.

Super Silicone Infusion.

Age-Defying & Skin Firming Ingredients.

Anti-Oxidants & Vitamins.

State-Of-The-Art Skin Care.

Wonderful Fragrance.