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Review: Designer Skin Black 20x

September 20, 2013 in Designer Skin, Reviews by admin

Designer Skin Black has been a favorite of many for several years and it’s still being discovered by tanners because of it’s wonderful tanning ability and it’s smooth feel and fragrance. Here is a customer review from a tanner who has used it several times in a row.

Lotion Source has proudly offered Designer Skin Black since it hit the scene. Click Here to read more about this tanning marvel. We also carry Millenium Black Storm.

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Gold Is A Great Investment….. For Your Skin!

October 5, 2011 in Designer Skin by admin

Designer Skin 14 Karat GoldType: Bronzer / Level: Breakthrough

Looking for an investment that pays off in spades? How about a lotion that gives your skin a priceless and unforgettable tan? What is better than bronze? Quite simply…Gold…as in 14 Karat Gold.  Experience extravagantly-rich, dark color as this ultra advanced 14 bronzing formula breaks through your tanning plateau into the next realm of surreal golden splendor.

Advanced technology in both tanning and skincare parlayed into one extraordinary formula. Finally…an advanced bronzer worth its weight in gold!

Designer Skin 14 Karat Gold has been a consistent top seller simply because it works! Look for it in the Designer Skin section today!