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Hempz Fresh Coconut & Watermelon

June 17, 2014 in Hemp Moisturizers, Hempz, What's New? by admin

Hempz Fresh Coconut & WatermelonCoconut has so many health benefits for your body and skin that Hempz devoted a moisturizer just for Fresh Coconut with the added benefits of Watermelon. This will be your favorite summertime moisturizer this year!

New Hempz Fresh Coconut & Watermelon Herbal Body Moisturizer is not only enriched with 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil and a signature blend of Aloe, Vitamin E, Chamomile and Avocado Extracts but now with hydrating Coconut Oil and Watermelon Extract, a powerful antioxidant and skin conditioner rich in Vitamin C, helps protect and nourish skin against free radicals.

Don’t forget what you love best about Hempz, Hemp Seed Oil is one of nature’s richest sources of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) and key Amino Acids containing natural proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals vital for healthy skin conditioning.

Check it out here!

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Hempz Lotion Is Fantastic!

August 21, 2012 in Hemp Moisturizers, Hempz by admin

Hempz Vanilla Plum MoisturizerDo you use Hempz lotion? Have you used it in the past? You might be surprised by all of the Hempz Lotions available now. A decade ago Hempz came on the market to great fanfare with Hempz Original Moisturizer, at the time just known as Hempz Moisturizer since it was the first. The fragrance, the smooth feel and the fascination with a moisturizer containing hemp seed oil which was not common in those days all combined to create a runaway hit that hasn’t slowed since.

Hempz has released several followup lotions over the years, each with it’s own unique features such as Hempz Cucumber Jasmine that has a relaxing and soothing quality. Hempz Age-Defying has all of the latest wrinkle fighting ingredients and a unique lively fragrance. Hempz Pomegranate is another major favorite  second only to Hempz original and not only features the fantastic anti-oxidants found in all natural Pomegranate but also the wonderful captivating pomegranate fragrance.
This year’s releases are no exception to the fantastic category that Hempz resides in. The new Hempz Vanilla Plum fragrance is my new favorite and the lotion feels wonderful. Plum Oil has natural conditioning properties that help nourish and soothe skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth and supple. Hempz Citrus Blossom has a lively energizing fragrance and Citrus extracts which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants which help prevent free radical damage to renew and revive skins healthy radiance.
Whether you use the five regular lotions one of their other great products such as Hydrosilk or Hempz Treats, Hempz has something for everyone. In fact something for every day of the week! It’s a Hempz world.
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Body Butters Beyond Belief!

November 14, 2011 in Hemp Moisturizers, Moisturizers, Unique Gifts by admin

Are you looking for some unique gift ideas for Christmas this year? How about a lotion that someone will love and use for months to come! New from Skincare By Hoss comes a unique line of Exotic Body Butters just in time for Christmas shopping season. Who doesn’t love the aroma Sugar Cookies or Strawberry Coconut? These are just two of the amazing new fragrances from Exotic. Also released are Cherry Vanilla and of course the original Tropical fragrance for those who can’t get enough.

Formulated with Shea Butter to give your skin to unbelievable smoothness. Exotic Moisturizing Body Butters combines the healing properties of Hemp Seed Oil and mega levels of natural Shea Butter to create ultra rich, whipped moisturizing perfection. Our combination of mega-vitamins, anti-oxidants, exotic oils and shea butter will revitalize your skin while maintaining a soft, sexy, elegant feel. Exotic helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps to protect your skin from free radicals and aging.

Wrap them individually or as a set or stuff them in someones stocking this year! You can’t go wrong with these amazing Exotic Body Butters.

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New Hemperor PomeShea Moisturizer!

April 18, 2011 in Hemp Moisturizers, Hemperor, Moisturizers by admin

 Rich in Anti-Oxidants, Pomegranate has long been the secret to fighting free radical and giving your skin a radiant youthful glow. Shea Butter give your skin the richest, smoothest, healthy supple skin imaginable. Hemperor infuses these 2 premium ingredients with all natural Hemp Seed Oil into one amazing daily moisturizer that delivers extreme levels of anti-aging and nutrient rich 

Perfect blends of exotic oils including Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Monoi and Tea Tree plus natural sources of vitamins A, B, E and C, natural Anti-Oxidants, essential fatty acids and botanicals to reduce the appearance if fine lines and wrinkles. This is truly the ultimate balance of smoothing skin care and anti-aging ingredients all topped off with a 
light unforgettable Pomegranate fragrance!

Retail $30.00 Only $13.10