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Hot Tools Hair Dryer Styling

June 11, 2013 in Hair Care, Hot Tools, How To by admin

Getting the perfect hairstyle can be tough… but Hot Tools can help! Check out our “How To” video to learn great tips from professional stylist and achieve the perfect look! Faster drying and increased moisture absorption – Negative ions break apart water droplets so they can be dried faster or absorbed by hair.

Lotion Source has a great selection of Hot Tools Dryers and other Styling Tools here


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Dr. Mercola on Tanning Beds & Vitamin D

May 24, 2013 in How To, Tanning Tips, Videos by admin

Do you get enough Vitamin D from the sun? Vitamin D is essential for optimal health. Dr Mercola discusses the best way to get Vitamin D and what to watch out for.

Internationally renowned natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola discusses about the benefits of tanning bed and the importance of vitamin d.

Here is a Tanning Checklist to help you maximize your tanning session.

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Step By Step Tanning Recommendations

May 7, 2013 in How To, Tanning Lotions, Tanning Tips, Videos by admin

In this video Casey gives you here recommendations for tanning from the best lotions to use, techniques, how often to tan, the importance of goggles and more. Should you use a bronzing bed? Self Tanner? After tan moisturizer? All of these and more questions are covered in this video.

Some of the products recommended by Casey:

Jwoww Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Designer Skin Angel Moisturizer

Fake Bake Flawless Sunless

Tanning Bed Goggles

Drop Out & Tan is no longer available, try Hoss’ Hemp Moisturizer For Tanners

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How To Choose The Right Sunless For You!

March 18, 2013 in How To, Spray Tan, Sunless by admin

Sunless comes in many forms, all designed to do one thing, make you dark! However, anyone who has experience with sunless can tell you some interesting things happen while you are on the road to finding the perfect product for you.

Have you ever seen those people on TV who look like they have orange makeup on? This is the result from picking the wrong sunless product. We don’t sell any orange makers but we do have a large selection of sunless names from some of the oldest and still most sought after product brands. We carefully select only products that leave you with a natural looking tan so you don’t have any orange mishaps. Here is a short list of some of our most popular;

LA Tan Sunless1.) Body Drench Quick Tan –  Instant Self Tanner Bronzing Spray is a fine-misting spray-on self tanning bronzer that provides immediate golden color. This fast-drying, non-greasy spray provides even coverage and will not fade, streak, smear or give you an orange appearance. Body Drench Quick Tan can be used on both the face and body for a natural-looking healthy glow.

2.) Flavours Sunless Spray Tan - Flavours Airbrush Bronzing Sunless Spray Tan Ultra Dark Bronzer. Quick Dry Formula. Deepens in hours and leaves a luxurious uniform natural looking tan. Flavours Spray Tan conditions your skin with moisture rich hemp seed oil. Lab Tested. Spray on face and skin for a natural even tan.

3.) Brown Sugar “Sugar Coat” Sunless Spray - Sugar Coat is an advanced ultra-dark sunless spray for the body & face. Designed for instant and true color. Sugar Coat’s signature bronzers and exclusive self-tanning formula dry in seconds and deepen in hours for an even, golden tan. Anytime, anywhere, it’s self tanning perfection without sun exposure.

4.) LA Tan Sunless Spray – LA Tan Airbrush Spray Tan is an advanced ultra dark sunless airbrush for the body and face. This advanced formula delivers instant and true color, drying in seconds and deepen in hours for an even, golden tan. Anytime and anywhere. It’s self tanning perfection without the sun’s damaging exposure. Read the rest of this entry →

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How To Develop A Great Tan

April 11, 2011 in How To, Tanning Tips by admin

How is your Tan developing? Dark? Dark as you want to be? You know with the weather improving and the fourth of July just around the corner the opportunity to go outside in the sun, sun bathing, swimming well you know what I mean can invite sunburn and unwanted looks at those white legs.

It would be a pretty good idea to try to get a nice base tan prior to going to the beach, river or pool. Despite what was considered normal for tanning (go outside get burnt, peel and then turn Tan) it is not good for you, it is not comfortable and it is actually a pain. So my best suggestion would be to come to the salon and enjoy tanning at least every other day or so while you are developing a nice base tan. Every other day will work for some while others need maybe every third day. You won’t gain by trying to tan when you are pink so before you go tanning make sure you are not a little pink from a previous session. Use a great tanning maximizer that will take care of your skin and accelerate the body’s natural tanning process. Doing this process correctly will actually help you develop a tan faster. Keep in mind if you are already a person with a good base tan what I just wrote really does not apply. I am trying to help those of you who are not tan and are likely to go outside and over do the exposure to UV light thing that so often happens and really shouldn’t.

The rest of you who actually have good base tans and even more, my advise to you is to keep doing what you are doing, keep tanning on a regular basis and enjoy tanning outside. Even with a good base tan or a little more you still run a risk of getting burnt due to overexposure while outside. Use a good SPF and re-apply frequently depending on how long you are planning on staying out in the Sun. Another good thing I might suggest you purchase and keep with you is a sunburn cooler gel. Body Drench’s Skin Therapy Sunburn Cooler Gel will help you in the case of you getting a bit sun burnt. It is a marvelous cooling product.

Something else I should bring up is if you use SPF you really need to use an excellent top-of-the-line moisturizer. Most SPF products are created for one thing and that is to keep you from burning. They are typically great skin care products. You need to rehydrate your skin after being out in the Sun for any length of time. Remember it would be in your best interests to use a very good lotion all the time, you will soon be amazed at how nice and soft your skin feels.

In Review:
1) Get A Base Tan Before Heading Outside In The Summer
2) Tan At The Salon Every Other Day Or Every 3rd Day
3) Use The Best Tanning Maximizer You Can
4) Use The Best Moisturizer For Your Skin
5) Use SPF Protection & Avoid Sunburns
6) Use A Sunburn Cooler Gel If You Burn

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Caribbean Cruise? Be Prepared!

June 15, 2009 in How To, Q & A by admin

Question: “I am going on a Cruise in a few weeks and have been prepping with Sun Sauce Diamond ultra dark at the tanning salon. What do you recommend for the Caribbean sun to continue tanning without burning?Thanks for your help,Tim”

Tim, I always recommend that you build up the darkest base tan that you can (your natural sun protection) before such a trip by using the best tanning lotion possible, a great tan enhancing moisturizer twice daily, and tan enhancer pills to boost your melanin production. All of these along with tanning 3-4 times a week until your trip will give you the darkest tan possible in the shortest time possible. Once out in that sunshine you will want a solid SPF like Hempz SPF 30 to protect you from sunburn. You should also continue using the moisturizer for tanners to keep your skin moisturized and healthy and tan. We also carry a wide variety of lip balms to protect those sensitive areas out in the sun. And last but not least we do also have sunburn coolers just in case you do stay out a little too long but always avoid burning! Have a great trip Tim!