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How To Choose The Right Sunless For You!

March 18, 2013 in How To, Spray Tan, Sunless by admin

Sunless comes in many forms, all designed to do one thing, make you dark! However, anyone who has experience with sunless can tell you some interesting things happen while you are on the road to finding the perfect product for you.

Have you ever seen those people on TV who look like they have orange makeup on? This is the result from picking the wrong sunless product. We don’t sell any orange makers but we do have a large selection of sunless names from some of the oldest and still most sought after product brands. We carefully select only products that leave you with a natural looking tan so you don’t have any orange mishaps. Here is a short list of some of our most popular;

LA Tan Sunless1.) Body Drench Quick Tan –  Instant Self Tanner Bronzing Spray is a fine-misting spray-on self tanning bronzer that provides immediate golden color. This fast-drying, non-greasy spray provides even coverage and will not fade, streak, smear or give you an orange appearance. Body Drench Quick Tan can be used on both the face and body for a natural-looking healthy glow.

2.) Flavours Sunless Spray Tan - Flavours Airbrush Bronzing Sunless Spray Tan Ultra Dark Bronzer. Quick Dry Formula. Deepens in hours and leaves a luxurious uniform natural looking tan. Flavours Spray Tan conditions your skin with moisture rich hemp seed oil. Lab Tested. Spray on face and skin for a natural even tan.

3.) Brown Sugar “Sugar Coat” Sunless Spray - Sugar Coat is an advanced ultra-dark sunless spray for the body & face. Designed for instant and true color. Sugar Coat’s signature bronzers and exclusive self-tanning formula dry in seconds and deepen in hours for an even, golden tan. Anytime, anywhere, it’s self tanning perfection without sun exposure.

4.) LA Tan Sunless Spray – LA Tan Airbrush Spray Tan is an advanced ultra dark sunless airbrush for the body and face. This advanced formula delivers instant and true color, drying in seconds and deepen in hours for an even, golden tan. Anytime and anywhere. It’s self tanning perfection without the sun’s damaging exposure. Read the rest of this entry →

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Get Tan Quick For The New Year!

December 27, 2011 in Body Drench, Quick Tan, Spray Tan, Sunless by admin

Body Drench Quick Tan SunlessWhat’s a better New Year’s Resolution than a great looking tan? Look and feel better all year long with a rich dark sunless tan from Lotion Source’s collection of the best sunless lotions and sprays on the market today! Whether you prefer the high end comedic properties and anti-aging benefits of Sun Sauce or the dark natural looking tan in spray form from LA Tan or the ever popular FakeBake Sunless, we have them all.

New for 2012 is Body Drench’s new Instant Self Tanner Bronzing Spray now available in Medium Dark bronze tint for that instant sun-kissed glow and easy application. Once applied your skin will continue to darken over the next 3-5 hours leaving your body a golden bronze masterpiece. Body Drench Quick Tan has long been a favorite on the sunless connoisseur. Quick Tan has been a top seller for many years. This new line of Quick Tan bronzers is spectacular and a must have for the New Year.

Don’t wait until the ball drops. Start your resolution now! Get that dark tan you’ve always dreamed up…

Link:  Sunless Tanning Products

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Quick Tan Sunless Spray… Everyone’s Favorite?

July 15, 2011 in Body Drench, Quick Tan, Spray Tan, Sunless by admin

Since it’s release a few years ago Body Drench Quick Tan quickly gained “most popular” status among the beauty and tanning shops around the world. Body Drench has long been known for amazing moisturizers but Quick Tan Sunless Spray has taken the center stage.

Body Drench gives you a very nice, evenly distributed spray tan that you can apply yourself. The high quality spray nozzle does not clog like others and the lightweight can is easy to use and handle.

Tips: Just like with any sunless products the best results come when you exfoliate prior to use. This isn’t required but it will help your tan look more even and last longer. You also want to moisturize your elbows, knuckles and any other area that can collect sunless. Hold that can about 10 inches away from your skin and spray in even strokes. You can rub in or gently wipe off any excess and then wash your hands quickly.

Body Drench Quick Tan has been a best seller at Lotion Source for many years. Please comment below with your Quick Tan tips, stories or opinions.

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