Say Aloha To Your Darkest Tan Ever!

April 29, 2013 in Bronzing Lotions by admin

Brown Sugar Aloha Black 200xBrown Sugar has revolutionized the tanning lotion! Yes, the word revolution is tossed around too often and everything new is called revolutionary but in this case, they really have changed the game. Tan Inc. has discovered the secret to the perfect blend of 200x Bronzer and DHA tanning. The secret? Keep them separate until they are applied to your skin. This creates the perfect blend with the same consistency every time you use it. It also makes the DHA work better and last longer.

The bottle is really 2 bottle put together like a puzzle pieces and with a single pump that pumps both products together. The Result is that you achieve a better, darker, longer lasting tan. Even better they have kept the price in the same range as your average high quality bronzer only in a smaller 7oz bottle for half the price of an average 13.5oz bottle so you still get the same value.

Brown Sugar Aloha Black 200x Double Dark Bronzer is a revolutionary 2 in 1 lotion that combines the tanning lotion bronzer and sunless together as you pump it to create a perfect mix and give you a deep island 200x double dark glow.

“Say Aloha to the darkest tan you have ever had. Aloha Black is a revolutionary & exclusive double dark two-part bottle combining our sexiest, Brown Sugar bronzers -with- a flawless DHA elixir for a truly deep island glow. Until now, this level of beautiful color has simply not been possible. Wave after wave of bornze crashes against you skin, and with it a tide of silicones & skin conditioning. This is a 200x oasis of tanning bliss you will never want to leave.”

You will notice the difference the first time you use Aloha Black 200x Double Dark Bronzer and you will notice the difference in how great you look and how long it lasts.