Sons Of Outlaw 99xxx WTF! (Wild Tingle Formula)

August 27, 2013 in Hoss Sauce, Hot Tanning Lotions by admin

Sons Of Outlaw Tanning Lotion

Do you like it hot? What I mean is do you like your tanning lotions as hot as the Texas sun? For many years Outlaw tanning lotions have been among our top sellers for people who love hot tingle tanning. Why is that? Because it’s on of the hottest! There is a reason they put WTF! on the label.

In the past the big seller was Outlaw Red Hot which certainly earned it’s name. Then they came out with the next generation of hot tanning lotions with a radical new look and an extremely hot tingle. Sons Of Outlaw is a radically hot tingle lotion. If you are a tingle fan you will not want to miss trying this bad boy.

Sons of Outlaw is not just a fiery hot lotion, it’s also a skin care marvel. Containing a long list of nourishing and age-defying ingredients as well as naturally smoothing ingredients like Shea Butter, it also leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth after you tan which is important. Check out The Outlaw line of Hot Tanning Lotions Here