The Ultimate Bourbon Bronzer!

April 5, 2013 in Bronzing Lotions, Tanning Lotions by admin

Ultimate Bronzing BourbonIf you thought bronzers couldn’t get any darker, or healthier, think again. Ultimate Bronzing Bourbon 151 Proof Bronzer is like a rich, quality Bourbon Tanning Bronzer that not only helps your natural skin color darken but also helps it get fuller over time.

Bronzing Bourbon is truly an amazing Tanning Lotion and here is why:

  • ·The Bourbon Bronzor gets you fast results thanks to the Unipertan Acceleration fast Results.
  • ·The Bourbon Bronzer has an Intoxicating Fragrance that will impress and raise eyebrows for sure.
  • ·This Bronzer is also packed with Extreme Skincare.

This 13.5oz bottle, which looks stunning all by itself, contains a Bronzer truly like no other. The Bronzer itself comprises of anti-aging ingredients that not only give you a healthy tan, but an extremely youthful one too thanks to a combination of natural herbal extracts for both softening and also revitalizing the skins appearance. Beyond the health benefits of using this amazing new tanning bronzer, this Special Reserve 151 Proof Black Bronzing Mash will darken and deepen your natural color over time giving your skin an amazing, lush bronze glow to it that everyone wishes for.

 Ultimate Bronzing Bourbon will take your tan to an intoxicating level of honey gold color that everyone will want to drink in. Each time you tan, Bronzing Bourbon’s 151 proof bronzers will darken and deepen your tan beyond what you ever thought possible. Simply amazing.