Get Your Swag On!

The latest elite bronzer from Tan Incorporated’s Brown Sugar line. How lavishly dark do you want to be? We’ve tested it and we love it! From the fragrance to the feel to the color achieved on the first try. Swag is going to be a big hit for 2013.

Swag is a style thing that many strive to gain, but few actually attain. Now is the time to remove all doubt and shine with a brilliance all your own. Our darkest-of-dark black bronzers elevate your color to a new plateau of perfection, so you have the substance to match the swagger.

Brown Sugar Swag contains a pure diamond dust skin illumination brings your tan into the spotlight, because confidence is a very sexy thing indeed. Brown Sugar’s Elite 99X bronzing scoffs at other bronzing formulas and let’s them know where dark starts and true darkness ends.

  • Lavishly Dark Elite 99x Bronzing.
  • An entourage of silicones, skin conditioning, & vitamins.
  • Diamond Dust Illumination enhances your tan’s radiance.
  • Dragonfruit Champagne Fragrance.

Link: Brown Sugar Swag

All Hail The American Princess!

Brown Sugar American Princess 99 Elite BronzerMuch excitement follows 99 Elite Bronzers and amazing ingredients such as Sacred Lotus and Butterbur Extract that maintain a youthful vibrance, this new Princess from Tan Inc is already a big hit!

Brown Sugar has long been a fan favorite because of high quality lotions that work very well and contain a plethora of skin care ingredients. Brown Sugar American Princess 99 Elite Bronzing breaks the mold. Not only have they boosted the bronzing power, they have boosted the acceleration as well. You will notice it the first time you use it in a tanning bed or outside.

We all know that American Girls Rock and now in the home of the brave the darkest and & sexiest tans are born from 99 Elite Bronzing. A beautifully bronzed body is best accentuated by a vivid glow designed to release the only bronze worthy of the tanning royalty you are.


  • 99 Elite Bronzing Complex for Breathtakingly Dark Color!
  • Sacred Lotus & Butterbur Extracts Condition Skin’s Youthful Vibrance.
  • BioWave Vivid Glow Technology Provides Radiant Softness & Tone
  • Brown Sugar Is Known For High Quality Lotions.

Get A Jump On Your Tan This Year! Try Brown Sugar American Princess Today!

Retail $75.00 Now Only $34.00

Link: Brown Sugar American Princess

This Just In! Brown Sugar Black Aura

Brown Sugar Black Aura “World’s Darkest Tanning Lotion” is an ultra-dark lotion that eclipses tanning plateaus with new magnitudes of color via rich dark Biobronzing while Double amounts of Argan Oil of Morocco provide exalted skin conditioning for a completely radiant glow.

  • Amazing Color The First Time!
  • BioBronzing Natural Bronzers & DHA
  • Infused with Max Silicones.
  • Double Argan Oil Of Morocco.