Snooki Brings The Heat

Snooki Tanning LotionSnooki (Nicole Polizzi), arguably the world’s most famous reality TV star, even to people who’ve never watched Jersey Shore is known for her world class tan. Snooki demands the best and put a lot of thought into her first 3 tanning lotions and now has a full line of products. She has partnered with Supre Inc, one of the top tanning lotion and research companies in the business to release 3 amazing new Snooki Tanning Maximizers. She is continuing to create new products each year.

“I take tanning seriously. When I tan, I want to know that I am putting on the very best tanning products out there. That is why it’s important to me to come out with my own line.” Snooki said regarding her products.  “Everyone who tries my new products will instantly fall in love with them. I did.”

The much anticipated release comes after the huge success of JWOWW tanning lotions made by a different company however Snooki takes a different approach than just the bronzer released by JWOWW. Snooki’s line includes a Tanning Maximizer for those who want to tan without tingle or bronzers, just fabulous acceleration. She also released a Hot Bronzer to give instant color and skin stimulating tingle for a deeper. darker, longer lasting tan. Lastly she has her Ultra Dark Black Bronzer for the seriously dark tan the first time you use it.

Even the bottles are Snookifabulous. Much more bold and impressive in person than in pictures. The reflective label looks like it contains jewel encrusted leopard print and more jewels around the gold cap. People will take notice when you walk into a salon or head out to the beach one of these in hand. The Hot Bronzer comes in a pink print while the Maximizer is a tan and the Black Bronzer of course is black.

Either one of these new products will give you the Snooki tan you are looking for. With millions of followers on facebook and twitter and fans of the show, Snooki is going to be one of the biggest products of 2012. No doubt she will continue to release new products over time. We can’t wait!

Link: Snooki Tanning Lotions

What Tanning Lotion To Start With?

It’s inevitable. You walk into a tanning salon for the first time, a little nervous, but you don’t want to look stupid so you are hesitant to ask to many questions. You go along with the receptionist and nod your head as it you understood every word and assume that you can figure it out later. Hopefully you have an attendant that can recognize your newbie status and walk you through the process however this is not always the case. If you are smart, and I know you are because you are reading this, you have done a little research before starting out.

Beyond the basics of how to use the tanning bed (turning it on and pulling the top down, yes I know people who tanned several times before figuring out that the top comes down) and how to use goggles comes the question of which lotion to start with. You might think you should get the strongest one you can afford and go for broke but this is not the case.

There a step process to tanning. You want to start with a good acceleration that also has a lot of moisture and the right levels of acceleration to build your base tan. It’s important because if you choose an advanced lotion you might overexpose or worse use a hot tingle that you weren’t prepared for. Start with a beginner lotion such as Hoss Sauce Dark and tan a few times with it. Your base tan will start to build and then you can step up to a stronger lotion. This gives you the right balance and helps you build a darker, longer lasting tan.

What was the first tanning lotion you used when starting out? Please comment below!

More Info on Hoss Sauce Dark and other great products:

Are Your Legs as Dark as You Are?

Brown Sugar Princess Leg BronzerWe hear it all the time. “why aren’t my legs tanning?” It’s a constant frustration with many people. The truth is their legs are tanning but just not as dark as the rest of you. Faces and legs can lag behind when it comes to achieving a dark tan. There are many theories out there as to why this happens. It seems to be partly because your legs have always had more exposure to the sun. The real question is what to do about it? How do you tan your legs?

Over the years there have been many solutions presented for this problem. Everything from special tanning lotions to expensive leg bronzing machines, a tanning bed just for your legs in essence. There is really no need to go through all of that expense because now we have Brown Sugar Princess Leg Bronzer Lotion. A dark tanning lotion just for legs that contains a super rich bronzer and advanced acceleration. If you use a specialty lotion for your legs and your regular lotion on the rest of you, it will balance out your color.

Treat yourself to the perks only a princess would receive. Brown Sugar Princess is a silky-soft skin firming bronzer specially formulated for great looking legs. This silicone lotion blesses your best assets with a lean, dark, glow and softness all their own.

Get Your Swag On!

The latest elite bronzer from Tan Incorporated’s Brown Sugar line. How lavishly dark do you want to be? We’ve tested it and we love it! From the fragrance to the feel to the color achieved on the first try. Swag is going to be a big hit for 2013.

Swag is a style thing that many strive to gain, but few actually attain. Now is the time to remove all doubt and shine with a brilliance all your own. Our darkest-of-dark black bronzers elevate your color to a new plateau of perfection, so you have the substance to match the swagger.

Brown Sugar Swag contains a pure diamond dust skin illumination brings your tan into the spotlight, because confidence is a very sexy thing indeed. Brown Sugar’s Elite 99X bronzing scoffs at other bronzing formulas and let’s them know where dark starts and true darkness ends.

  • Lavishly Dark Elite 99x Bronzing.
  • An entourage of silicones, skin conditioning, & vitamins.
  • Diamond Dust Illumination enhances your tan’s radiance.
  • Dragonfruit Champagne Fragrance.

Link: Brown Sugar Swag

Gold Is A Great Investment….. For Your Skin!

Designer Skin 14 Karat GoldType: Bronzer / Level: Breakthrough

Looking for an investment that pays off in spades? How about a lotion that gives your skin a priceless and unforgettable tan? What is better than bronze? Quite simply…Gold…as in 14 Karat Gold.  Experience extravagantly-rich, dark color as this ultra advanced 14 bronzing formula breaks through your tanning plateau into the next realm of surreal golden splendor.

Advanced technology in both tanning and skincare parlayed into one extraordinary formula. Finally…an advanced bronzer worth its weight in gold!

Designer Skin 14 Karat Gold has been a consistent top seller simply because it works! Look for it in the Designer Skin section today!

Hemperor Maximum Ultra Dark is #1 For A Reason!

Are you looking for a Tanning Maximizer that will give you the rich dark tan that you desire but also pamper your skin with hemp seed oil, all natural shea butter and herbal anti-oxidants? Hemperor Maximum Ultra Dark has long been our top seller and for good reason. Once you use it you are hooked!

Maximum Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion is rich in Hemp Seed Oil and the world’s finest natural color maximizing accelerators. This silky smooth, vitamin enriched lotion has maximum levels of L-Tyrosine, Riboflavin and Unipertan. Maximum Ultra Dark is skin care elixir rich in Shea Butter, natural oils such as Monoi, Kukui Nut and Olive Oil. You will enjoy the fast results that this lotion delivers and you will love the way your skin feels with each and every use. Simply the finest, smoothest, darkest herbal Tanning Lotion available anywhere.

Available in 9oz and 64oz sizes.